Game Of Thrones Season 8 | Marathrone

The biggest show of the decade comes to its much awaited conclusion. Game Of Thrones. Series Finale. 

But Hotstar, in India, aimed to drive subscriptions before the final season released. One last chance to milk the seven seasons of the epic fandom before the finale.

What can you say to get people to watch the existing seasons, that hasn't already been said a hundred times over, broken down and analysed across the internet in anticipation of the series finale. So, Hotstar simply asked India to #Marathrone - watch the 67 episodes of Game Of Thrones available on the streaming platform in the 67 days leading up to the release of the final season.

All of the social assets for the the campaign were conceptualised and designed by me with the help of an animator and video editor, under the guidance of our Creative Director.