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mcdonald's drive thru codes

we saw a rise in our drive-thru orders since the COVID-19 pandemic started in march. to build on this surge and encourage others at home to order in, on world drive-thru day, mcdonald's decided to make a live guessing game out of every car that came into our drive-thru. with immense coordination between our drive-thru staff and the creative team at home, we live-tweeted about 200 cars over 10 hours, turning each one into a riddle for our twitter users to solve and redeem for a #drivethrucode.

i, along with another teammate, wrote each and every tweet matching the car brand/model that we were being told about and engaged with all of the users responding to the riddle in real time

it was insane. but totally worth it

mcd drive-thru 00: Text
unnamed (1).jpg
mcd drive-thru 00: Welcome
mcd drive-thru 00: Welcome
mcd drive-thru 00: Work
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