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netflix's ad free diwali

in the spirit of diwali, netflix decided to give all the other brands a break and made their 'diwali ad' for them

while bingeing on netflix on a Monday morning... umm for research purposes, we realised that every product that's advertised on diwali is already in the netflix universe. they've got your mobile network to your budhape ka net-worth covered. this led to Netflix celebrating #adfreediwali without making any ads for their own service and only making ads for others. with only one goal in mind - to make diwali ads great again, netflix went old school and brought in every ad troupe to make the ad-iest ads

i scripted 4 out of these 6 ads. the other two were scripted by my teammate on this project.
Post that i worked with my teammate, our creative director, an execellent editor (who worked over night to pull this off) and the netflix team to get the final output you see

please note that 'make X great again' doesn't have the same cultural or political connotations in india as it does in america

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