Netflix's Ad Free Diwali

In the spirit of Diwali, Netflix decided to give all the other brands a break and made their 'Diwali ad' for them. 

While bingeing on Netflix on a Monday morning... umm for research purposes, I realised that every product that's advertised on Diwali is already in the Netflix universe. We've got your mobile network to your budhape ka net-worth covered. This led to Netflix celebrating #AdFreeDiwali without making any ads for their own service and only making ads for others. With only one goal in mind - to make Diwali ads great again, Netflix went old school and brought in every ad troupe to make the ad-iest ads.

I scripted 4 out of these 6 ads. The other two were scripted by my teammate on this project.
Post that I directed the footage, music and edit of each of these films. 

Please note that 'Make X Great Again' doesn't have the same cultural or political connotations in India as it does in America.

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