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netflix streamfest

for the first time ever netflix was going to provide an all acess free weekend. this was being piloted in india. in a never before move to get people to sample their service, netflix threw its doors wide open for 48 hours

no credit card. no registration. watch on any device.

it was a big deal for india to sample what is considered largely a premium service for free. our campaign centered around telling india that their weekend plans are going to get cancelled. because when netflix is free, only for 2 days, what other plan even stands a chance

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ooh contextual to the location of placement calling out and cancelling a user behaviour/activity connected to that location

translation: clicking selfies at CP is cancelled. because netflix is free.

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netflix streamfest 00: Welcome

no plan too big, when netflix is free for 48 hours

since netflix was free for only 2 days, people would have had to cancel their weekend plans. our promotional films had major bollywood celebrities (who are also part of the netflix india films universe) filling in for people who couldn't make it to their child's parent-teacher meeting, a first date or even their child's birth

netflix streamfest 00: Work
netflix streamfest 00: Welcome

not just plans. everything else was cancelled too.

we took over the internet with promoted ads contextual to the platform they were being displayed on. each ad subtly called to ditch that service and binge on netflix.

translation for the truecaller banner: block everyone's number. because netflix is free.

netflix streamfest 00: Work
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